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Things I Love Thursdays // 01.16


Aqua Tower.

Yellow and gray.

Vinyl love.

Cheeky teacup.

Fingerless gloves.

Mr. Jimmy Page ❤

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Happy Friday // 11.15


No links today, just this wonderful photo. I’d seen this before, but a friend sent it to me today and it’s just endlessly amusing so I though I’d share. Kurt Cobain is seriously the cutest kid ever. And Dimebag’s hair is awesome. And Kirk Hammett’s glasses. Hope you have a great weekend!

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Happy Friday // 8.2


This weekend is Phil Anselmo! I’m excited, although I have no idea what to say to the guy. What do you say? Can I ask for a hug? But doesn’t everyone want Anselmo hugs? I’m guessing it’s going to be a long line and there won’t really be much of a chance to say anything at all, so I’m just hoping for a reaction to what Ed brings him to sign. Even more Phil love here.

Saturday is Mr. James Hetfield’s birthday! The big 5-0. Maybe I’ll have a Metalliday.

I can’t stop laughing.

Share your wifi password with guests using a framed QR code. Kind of awesome.

Wes Borland is selling some of his art. Wish I had $8000.

Cars and films. (via)

YES! Sandra Juto has made a guide to making her beautiful grannysquare blankets! Now I just need to learn to crochet.

Interesting vinyl record monthly subscription. I’m impressed they have a return policy; makes it super tempting.

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a roadie?

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Record Store Day 2013


This Saturday was Record Store Day, my second year participating. I have to admit, I wasn’t as excited about it this year. Last year I went to two record stores in order to find the Misfits record that was being released. I stood in line for over an hour and a half at one location in nervous excitement and came away victorious. I buy records more frequently these days; supporting the local record stores isn’t a one-day-a-year thing for me, but dropping a lot of money on one or two records in a morning is out of the ordinary. However, there were a few I was interested in and I sucked it up and headed out.


Not early enough, apparently. I decided only to go to one store and when I arrived, a half hour before they opened, the line already snaked past two storefronts and into a parking lot.


It took 45 minutes to get to this point. The guy in front of me started trash talking Micro Center sometime around here and the guy behind me started pining after the idea of a woman interested in records. I put my headphones back in.


Things went faster once I got inside. There were things to look at. Like records.



Outside, unwilling to come away empty handed after all this time, I added to my shopping list a few things that were more likely to be in stock. Out of a list of six, two were available, but I’m happy.

I bought Ed a Dio/Killswitch Engage 7″ of Holy Diver and I snagged a Pink Floyd 7″. And a free tote bag.

Happy Record Store Day!

On Sunday we stopped in another record store we frequent. Ed snagged a Ringworm 7″ and I managed to get The White Stripes release of Elephant. Success! I’ll be standing in line there next year.

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Are you ready to rock?

Catching up will have to wait a day as a very special life needs to be celebrated.

I love this — when a journalist asked Phil what it felt like being black and Irish, he responded: Kinda like a pint of Guinness.

Twenty-six years ago Phil Lynott died at age 36. I’m not sure what made me start listening to Thin Lizzy. Everyone has heard Jailbreak and The Boys are Back in Town, and naturally I started with the album Jailbreak, but I’m not sure what moved me from the songs on the radio to getting their CD from the library. I’m glad I did, though. Listening to that album reminds me of laying outside in the summer. I’d love to go see the statue of him in Ireland some day.

Cheers, Phil. You’ll be remembered.
I changed my earrings to hoops — I’m ready to listen. Hit the jump for some videos.

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Anemic and sweet.

Do you ever get music cravings? I do. They’re usually random and motivated by something small. Today it was as simple as changing my away message (yeah, I know) and suddenly I had to hear The Deftones. Not just listen, I had to put my headphones on, close my eyes and listen. I love when that happens.

Last week it was “My Wave” by Soundgarden that I suddenly craved.

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