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Things I Love Thursdays // 01.16


Aqua Tower.

Yellow and gray.

Vinyl love.

Cheeky teacup.

Fingerless gloves.

Mr. Jimmy Page ❤

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Happy Friday // 8.23


It was a long week. Lots of meetings at work, a couple free lunches, and a lot of lounging once I’d get home. The summer seems to be back, but I’m not sure how I feel about it. I’m used to wearing sweatshirts now. I’m so, so happy to have the weekend here, though. It’s a Led Zeppelin Friday, hence the lovely Mr. Robert Plant above. I can’t believe he turned 65 this week! Crazy.

Don’t Stop Me Now in comic form. Love Freddie Mercury.

Did you vote for the best song of the millennium? I’m really not happy with the results so far.

These are mugshots?!

How big is our moon? I had no idea.

Love the look of this record bureau.

Have you ever heard of this headache cure? I’ve yet to try it.

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Things I Love Thursdays // 8.22


Happy Birthday Robert Plant! (August 20)

California is always a good idea.

Interior inspiration.

Happy Birthday Freddy D! (August 20)


Happy Birthday Phil Lynott! We miss you. (August 20)

Lovely feathers.

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Happy Friday // 7.19


This week seemed to drag, so I’m pretty glad it’s Friday. I also don’t have solid plans this weekend which means lots of relaxing! I hate when you know you have plans weekend after weekend. It starts to feel like work! On the other hand, I think I’m noticing I end up in front of the TV way too often lately. I need to get out while the weather is nice(ish) and enjoy the city more.

In other news, I got to meet Maddie this week! And Theron, of course. Maddie was adorable, wandering the bookstore while Theron gave his presentation. He was definitely inspiring and I think even Ed, who I dragged there, enjoyed it! If only I knew traveling the country taking photos with a dog by my side was a solid career path. That’s on par with being the guy (Ben Carr) who dances on stage with the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

Led Zeppelin Fridays continue!

This is great.

I’m not really a Jay-Z fan, but these are perfect.

The flower-loving, bomb-dropping “Night Witches” of World War II.

Hopefully trying this recipe over the weekend.

Do you use Uber? Today only you can request an ice cream truck using the app!

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Happy Friday // 5.31


What do you do when you’re stressed out? This week at work has gotten increasingly stressful. Add that to the fact we move this weekend and I’m on overload. I go to a precarious environment during the day and return to a place I can’t (or really shouldn’t) relax at night. I’m looking forward to the weekend, but with no real expectation of any relief until maybe Monday, when I plan on curling up in front of the TV, for at least a little bit, and decompressing with some live Led Zeppelin. And then who knows what Tuesday will bring.

30 Shocking and Unexpected Google Street View Photos. Um. Tiger?

Ever dream of being a dolphin?

An honest, insightful look at Heather’s first 18 months in business.

These subway stations are amazing!

This video kills me.

I love you, David Bowie. (Thanks for this, Cindy!)

Even more David Bowie love! (Thanks Mary!)

Pit bulls have the best smile.

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Singing in the sunshine, laughing in the rain.

Poor Morris Louis. There was no debate during my Art of the 1960s class — his work was not art. Students likened his experiments with pouring paint to color theory classes. I stayed silent, of course, but I didn’t mind the colors he used in his works. They reminded me of fabric patters at times, especially a few I had come across in a few boxes of scraps that my mom has. A few I even wished were fabric, as they would make great shirts or hoodies.

The straight lines of color washing down the canvas let me know Frank Stella would be our next artist. I can’t believe it, sometimes. If Louis isn’t art, then the happenings are bogus in my mind. Oh well. Perhaps he wanted to be a designer all along and was just playing around with line.

On another note, I began reading up about growing plants indoors. I saw a photo of a cucumber plant and I couldn’t stop smiling. I remember having a garden when I was little and most of the time growing up. It seemed like a chore, but in the years we didn’t have it I truly missed it. Now, in my apartment, and annoyed by the produce I see in the stores (and the prices), I think I’ll do something with the huge window seat that I never sit on.

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