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365 Challenge // Day Three-Hundred Forty-Nine

Photo Dec 15, 8 11 55 PM

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Happy Friday // 10.11


When I need a pick-me-up I search New Girl on Pinterest and Tumblr. It always works. I need to grab a copy of Season 2, but it’s hard to convince myself when I can just go on Netflix and watch. The new season is good so far. Frustrating, but good.

I have this Friday off to prepare for the weekend. One of my best friends is coming in from Clevetown to visit. I’m expecting lots of eating and wandering the city, so basically a great time. I also just back-posted a bunch of 365 Challenge photos. Whoops.

This made me want to drink some bourbon.

IKEA is going to sell solar panels!

A little inspiration.

Even more inspiration.

My pillow passed the test, but I’m not sure that I trust it.

I want her kitchen and dining room.

His face kills me.

I really do like Tumblr. It’s the little things.

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Things I Love Thursdays // 6.6


This flower bomb idea makes me wish I had a car.

Tiny Instagram projector Projecteo! (via)

Cardboard box food truck. (via)

Karlstad update. (Looking at the Karlstad as a possible new couch.)

These are amazing. (via Apartment Therapy)

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