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Happy Friday // 11.1


I feel like watching hockey this weekend, but the only way to accomplish that is by going to a bar after convincing Ed to come along. With so many hurdles it’s more likely I’ll end up at home watching The Crow and working on a project or two. And I’m okay with that, but I do miss watching hockey. I look forward to HBO’s 24/7 coverage of the Winter Classic this year, too! And all this has nothing to do with Bill Murray. Just look at that face, though!

Oh, Bill Murray.

Printing out photos sounds like fun to me, so this is intriguing.

I’m eagerly watching twitter today for some new music.

I made this last night for part of my lunch today. The little I snuck before packing it up tasted awesome.

Blown away by her thread sketches.

Probably going to watch Doom Star this weekend. The last line in this video is the best.

Hockey players are tough. Very tough. Another, more adorable look at Pascal Dupuis. Except, you know, the making fun of Geno part. That’s just funny 😉

Happy Nu Metal Halloween! This kills me.

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Happy Friday // 9.27


Today is the anniversary of Cliff Burton’s death (27 years ago on the 27th) AND the opening day of Metallica’s Through the Never. I don’t think we’ll see it today, but I’m guessing we’ll end up at a theater tomorrow. I hope it’s good. Or at least gloriously bad.

Hockey season! Sidney Crosby and Marc-Andre Fleury delivered seasons passes to some fans a few weeks back. Adorable.

I sort of want this cinema type board, but I bet it’d be an easy DIY.

Turn a box spring into a platform bed? I REALLY want to do this!

Love these office spaces under stairways.

Ampersand table!

I live in one of the top 10 happiest cities in the US!

Sandra Juto’s photos make me want to go to Berlin. And eat.

You’re going to need a bigger boat.

These cookies look amazing.

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A Year in Chicago: September

We are very, very lucky to have an extremely generous friend in Chicago who also has some ridiculous connections — and this is how we ended up at a Blackhawks preseason game in September (thanks Todd!). I started watching hockey through Ed’s influence and, due to his random assortment of favorite sports teams, I’m a Penguins fan. I can try to claim it’s a family thing (my mom hails from western Pennsylvania), but it’s mostly dumb luck. It’s a bit of a shift, then, to go see a team I know next to nothing about from a city that is very proud of their sports teams. Ask any Cubs fan.

It was a great experience, and though I still haven’t gotten to know the Blackhawks as well as I should, I’m sure it will happen eventually.

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Happy Hockey Season!

Pardon my insanity, but today is day one of the NHL 2011-2012 hockey season. Last year was the first time I actually paid attention to what was happening, so this year will be probably be more of the same. I’ll be busy keeping my fingers crossed for Crosby’s return and probably yelling at Fleury to get back in the goal.

I don’t own any Penguins gear (though I’m starting to regret not buying that jersey when they were on clearance), but a few things on the Shop.NHL website definitely caught my eye.

2011 Winter Classic V-Neck (even though they lost)
Old Time Hockey, Lace Hooded Sweatshirt
Littlearth Jersey Scarf

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Blackhawks vs. Red Wings

Last night I attended my first NHL hockey game (thanks to Todd). It was fun and I’m still in slight disbelief, but it also made me realize I’m going to have to get used to following the Blackhawks. I was totally spoiled by getting to watch the HBO 24/7 specials about last years Winter Classic. I got to know the Penguins so easily this way. I’ll have to work harder to know the Blackhawks. There was a girl a few rows down from us cheering for Detroit, however, and I realized if I were watching the Blackhawks vs. the Penguins, I would totally be in her position. Except the Penguins would’ve won, of course. (just kidding! well…sort of.)

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