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Things I Love Thursdays // 01.30


Desk envy.

Paper is amazing.

German Shepherds.


Typographic inspiration. (Credit Tom Ritskes)

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Things I Love Thursdays // 12.5


Ombre tights.

Vintage inspiration.

Beautiful wrappings.

Hanging string lights.

Charlie Cox and Jack Huston. I miss these two.

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Happy Friday // 9.27


Today is the anniversary of Cliff Burton’s death (27 years ago on the 27th) AND the opening day of Metallica’s Through the Never. I don’t think we’ll see it today, but I’m guessing we’ll end up at a theater tomorrow. I hope it’s good. Or at least gloriously bad.

Hockey season! Sidney Crosby and Marc-Andre Fleury delivered seasons passes to some fans a few weeks back. Adorable.

I sort of want this cinema type board, but I bet it’d be an easy DIY.

Turn a box spring into a platform bed? I REALLY want to do this!

Love these office spaces under stairways.

Ampersand table!

I live in one of the top 10 happiest cities in the US!

Sandra Juto’s photos make me want to go to Berlin. And eat.

You’re going to need a bigger boat.

These cookies look amazing.

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