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Things I Love Thursdays // 10.31



Steve Buscemi.


Birds temporary tattoo.

Apartment inspiration.


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Finito: Gilmore Girls DVD Book

Remember this guy? It’s been awhile since I’ve posted any updates because I hadn’t really worked on it in awhile. All that was left was to glue in the inside cover sheets, but that can be nerve-wracking since it’s the last step and so much can go wrong. Plus it was functional, just not so attractive to look at once you opened it up.

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Done Embroidering

Done embroidering! Hopefully will be going to print stuff for the booklet today after work.

Lorelai: So, I think I’m in touch with the other side.
Rory: The other side of…
Lorelai: The other side.
Rory: With Republicans?

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Beginning a new project

Actually this is an old project that I abandoned for a bit because there really was no hurry for it to be done. However, I’ve started it up again. This is soon to be embroidered and then will become the cover of a CD book for Season 2 of Gilmore Girls. So much for New Years resolutions.

Rory: And when I got back from Grandpa’s office, they all invited me out onto the patio.
Lorelai: No no no, please tell me you did not go out onto the patio.
Rory: I went out onto the patio.
Lorelai: Ugh, Rory, that’s like accepting the position as the drummer in Spinal Tap.

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