365 Challenge // Day Three-Hundred Forty-Eight

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365 Challenge // Day Three-Hundred Forty-Seven

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Happy Friday // 12.6


It still hurts. I’m glad it was the season finale; it means I don’t have to deal with it for a long time. I’ll miss you, Mr. Harrow. You were the reason I got sucked into the show in the first place. Best baby sitter ever.

An accurate description of eating at Market Creations in the Willis!

I want everything on this list.

Thanks for this list, Ed. Although I think Mr. Anselmo should be closer to the top (seriously). And I don’t know most of the names.

Congrats, Ohio!

I love The Hairpin.

I love Mr. Beckett’s work. Looks like his t-shirts might already be sold out!

This might be a future lunch.

Conan, Seth Green and googly eyes. Gets me every time.

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