Happy Friday // 6.7


This week has been all over the place, but rightfully so. Moving last Saturday took for-ev-er, but we’re in. Today, hopefully, I’ll come home to a new couch. No internet until next week, however, is starting to wear on me. Having Monday off was wonderful, but I ended up running errands instead of relaxing in front of the TV (which would’ve been hard to do without a couch). To pass the time we’ve ended up watching The Search for Animal Chin (classic), some season one New Girl and yesterday snatched up a Scott H. Biram record. It turned out to be a Biram sort of week — Ed’s posters came in. And then the NIN single came out. And now I just want to watch the Beside You in Time DVD and dance around the living room.

Oh, these could be fun.

I’d love to go back to London.

I seriously just want to give Rodney Mullen a hug.

Some wise advice from Sarah about avoiding jealousy.

25 Things To Do This Summer.

I’ve missed you, Mr. Reznor. (Why no Chicago tour date, btw? You know Lolla doesn’t count.)

A look at regional dialects in the US. Bubbler? Really? (via)

(photo via)

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