26 Before 27

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My birthday was Sunday (yesterday)! I had a pretty awesome day, too. Ed took me out for lunch to one of our favorite spots, Fado. We had Guinness, fish and chips, and a wonderful brownie with a scoop of Guinness ice cream all while watching the Penguins on TV. The day was pretty relaxed, unlike what the rest of our lives have been like lately.

I remember seeing Joy and Elsie do these lists and they’ve inspired me to try one out this year. Plus I feel like I’m doing pretty well with the year-long-goal thing, so why not add to that? Some of these were thrown in last minute, but hopefully I can tackle all of them. Or at least most. Lets be realistic.

1. Send someone flowers.

2. Go on vacation.

3. Go to the dentist.

4. Open an Etsy store.

5. Adopt a dog.

6. Make napkins.

7. Use a plant that I have grown myself in a recipe or dish.

8. Learn a programming language.

9. Go gluten free for a month.

10. Complete five knitting projects.

11. Find another freelance client.

12. Go apple picking.

13. Find a gut doctor.

14. Develop and keep an exercising regimen.

15. Go swimming.

16. Go to Cedar Point.

17. Make Christmas cards.

18. Take a class.

19. Do another Whole 30.

20. Create a tutorial.

21. Finish/make a food journal.

22. Learn to make an app.

23. Make a photo book.

24. Print/screen some tea towels.

25. Get a haircut regularly.

26. Read at least one book a month.

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2 thoughts on “26 Before 27

  1. Mary says:

    Can I participate in your Cedar Point goal?

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