Happy Friday // Fourteen


I started this week off in a Metallica mood I’ve had a Metallica week. A fact which I am ashamed of and which I totally blame Ed for. I’ve accused him multiple times of brainwashing, but he insists they’ve grown on me via osmosis. I know way too much about them considering they’re a band I don’t generally like, but I can’t deny I like Mr. James Hetfield and his ridiculously hilarious vocal style. Besides that, Hero of the Day is one of my favorite songs — it reminds me of driving in the summer. I’ve also recently fallen for Bleeding Me. And Loverman because it cracks me up. (Until you read the lyrics and then it’s endlessly creepy.) And Jump in the FIre. Word of warning: Respecting a band as musicians while disliking their music is a shaky line to draw, easily smudged and easily washed away. I still blame Ed.

Gluten free donuts? I definitely want to try this place.

Cheers, Great Lakes. Love to see support for Cleveland’s West Side Market.

I’m going to miss you, Ohio House.


Bill Murray, national treasure. (via)

I can’t stop laughing. SnObama. (via)

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