Happy Friday // Twelve


(photo via)

I’m halfway through the reintroduction! Pretty crazy. Have I learned anything? I love gluten, but I’m not so sure it loves me. Dairy is questionable, but I love cheese. LOVE love cheese. Still super curious how non-gluten grains will work out, especially since gluten is not going so well. (And yet I keep eating it.)

Monday morning, the girl standing across from me on the red line was rocking out to this. Classic.

Might be stopping in here later in April.

Great idea.

Sort of love this.

I’m trying to be active in April (I know, I know), which means yoga and running.


Oh, Michael Pollan.

This kills me.

Oh, yes. So much time will be wasted spent here.

Super Mario 3 is still my favorite.

I’m enjoying this and can totally identify.


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