Happy Friday // Eleven


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This week has been amazingly slow — probably because I began planning for my post-Whole30 reintroduction schedule and the promise that I will soon be able to eat new foods is making me crazy excited. I’ve decided to try a new food group for two days at a time (two days with the new foods, two days back on Whole30), which means I won’t be done until mid-April. That’s okay, though. The ability to have some cheese and then a few days later to eat a piece of warm, crusty bread is enough to satisfy me. Even if that next piece of cheese won’t be until 2 weeks later. I’m interested to see how I react to everything as well, especially the non-gluten grains, oddly enough. No idea how those affect me. Hopefully I’ll actually be able to tell what’s affecting me and what isn’t. If not… pizza here I come.

Otherwise, this week I’ve been listening to the radio on Spotify — 80s at first and now 90s. What a strange mix of music, but so good. I also noticed that April is shaping up to be a busy month for me, which I’m sort of excited about. It means fun photo opportunities at the very least. And I’m so very ready for nicer weather.

I love bacon.

Color me intrigued.

Their chocolate is SO amazingly good.

Also intrigued by these dried flowers.

Yep. Add this to the list of places I must eat at.

I dread apartment searching.

I would take a Velcro-catch for Christmas.

Some perspective.

I want to eat everything on this website, and most of it’s Whole30/Paleo/Primal compliant!

Oh, Marlon Brando. So pretty. (Thanks Ashley!)

Good eating suggestions.

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