Happy Friday // Nine

I could not focus this week. At first I blamed my upset sleep schedule, but even when I got a good nights rest I still felt like my mind was all over the place, thinking of a million things it could be doing and never fully committing to one. I made a dinner, however, that I truly loved: zucchini noodles with marinara sauce, sauteed mushrooms, and crispy prosciutto. Delicious. And by later in the week I was sleeping way better, but still waking up wishing I could crawl back under the covers.

I’m enamored with Christopher Meloni’s character, Chris Keller, on Oz. And I’m trying my hardest not to talk about the show constantly, especially since it’s definitely not new.
(On whether or not Meloni’s sick of talking about his “Oz” (1997) co-star, Lee Tergesen): “Talking about Lee is like eating a big fat chocolate sundae. I know it’s bad for me, but I can’t help myself. I catch myself doing it all the time, or dreaming about it. I’m trying to quit cause it’s ruining my girlish figure and I can’t fit into any of my clothes the way I used to…”

As the world falls down.

I started (and finished) reading Rodney Mullen‘s book The Mutt this week.

This would be cute to have, and probably make me want to send more letters. (via)

Very useful!

Hoping Chicago will screen this! (via)

Two more weeks to use this.

Some more torture for my Whole 30 brain.

Please don’t do it, Google.

I love Lucky Charms. This is definitely going on the list of things to make after the Whole 30.

Speaking of cereal


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