Happy Friday // Seven


I’m starting a Whole 30 this Friday! I’m nervous. Mostly that I’ll overlook something small, like cooking my eggs in butter or adding honey to my tea. So far so good today, even though as soon as I got to work a coworker told me he’s brought in a dozen donuts for our department. He apologized, but I was still tempted to go stare at them before anyone else got here.

Intrigued by this. (via)

I’m excited. And that photo cracks me up.

These made me smile.

Looking back (as it rains/ices outside my window) I sort of hope this happens again.

Some major and much needed inspiration.

I want one of these that fits vinyl records as well.

What would you write about? (via)

I’m in love with this Etsy store.

Mr. B is adorable.

And I was just getting my Modern Seinfeld addiction in control.

(photo via)


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