Tis the Season: Labor Day

I had plans for Labor Day. I had errands to run downtown, several stores I’d been planning to go to and just hadn’t had time yet, things to buy, lunch to make. I did make my lunch for the week, but errands will have to be postponed because Ed and I ended up in Best Buy for over an hour.

We’d been talking about getting a TV and the bug finally bit Ed. He realized that XBox 360 sitting in the closet could be put to use again and suddenly video game fever was in full effect. He checked the ads on Sunday, scoured reviews online, and then we still ended up in the store for an excessive amount of time, standing back from the various screen sizes, trying to gauge what would work best in our place, driving ourselves crazy.

In the end it didn’t really matter what worked best. It was down to the 32″ or the 37″ and the 37″ wasn’t in stock. We decided to take the 32″ home with us, but when Ed mentioned the larger size being out of stock and not wanting to wait, the guy at the counter told us there was a 39″ for sale, same specs, same sale price as the 37″. Sold.

I’m still not sure of the beast (he survived public transportation — it’s a beast). I’m still going to try and enjoy our record player the most and try not to get sucked into watching the newfangled TV too much (we don’t have the antenna hooked up or cable, so it might be easy). I wonder if the 32″ would’ve fit a little better, but I have to admit I was wowed when Ed played a DVD and it looked amazing. And I was then totally sucked into watching Moonwalker even though it looked like crap.

So be it.

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