One week until Sons

The Sons of Anarchy Season 5 premiere is only a week away and what better way to show my anticipation than by sharing some amazing photos of the Hells Angels captured by photographer Bill Ray. I came across this Time Life gallery a month or two ago and became mesmerized by the subjects in the photos, the captured moments in time, the glimpse into a completely different lifestyle. I have to admit, though, I think I was most fascinated by the women.

“There’s a romance to the idea of the biker on the open road,” Bill Ray says. “It’s similar to the romance that people attach to cowboys and the West — which, of course, is totally out of proportion to the reality of riding fences and punching cows. But no doubt, there’s something impressive about these Harley Davidsons and bikers heading down the highway. You see the myth played out in movies, like Easy Rider, which came out a few years after I photographed the Angels — you know, the trail never ends for the cowboy, and the open road never ends for the Angels. They just ride. Where they’re going hardly matters. It’s not an easy life. But it’s what they choose. It’s theirs. And everyone else can get out of the way or go to hell.”

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One thought on “One week until Sons

  1. thomasdobias says:

    in 1965 when the hells angels whre in their hay day i was only 12 years back then
    they are the most famous biker clubs in califorina they are the real deal you cant
    compaire them to the bikers in Sons of Anarchy even thougt they ride though
    northan califorina like san joise. like the halls angels did. stil the hells angeels
    are the real deal.

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