A Year in Chicago: June

We filled most of our new apartment fairly easily. I think we had organized so strategically at our studio we never realized how much we actually had. We filled the two bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen comfortably, but our living room was empty. I’m talking ghost town, space for cartwheels, yoga studio, begging for a ping pong table empty. We needed a couch. At least a couch. So we planned to head to Ohio and pick some things up, including my couch from my last college apartment.

The Monday before the weekend we were heading home, my nephew decided to enter the world. He was two weeks early, mind you, so I headed home Thursday night to meet the little man and then spent the rest of the time helping Ed clear out his room in his Mom’s house after he arrived Saturday.

Thanks to my Dad, we were able to forego renting a truck and instead loaded up his motorcycle trailer and then wrapped it in tarp — a really good thing, since we ended up driving through a downpour or two. We ended up with a cozy place to sit, a tower of random boxes and more random things for the apartment. We’re getting there.


One thought on “A Year in Chicago: June

  1. Mary says:

    Your entered-the-world-early nephew misses you!!

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