A Year in Chicago: March

This year was my second time celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in the city — the first time was also my first time in Chicago. Ed and I had come on an especially chilly spring break to enjoy the city, but our trip was riddled with disaster. It’s a wonder I came away liking the city considering I almost passed out the first day at the St. Patrick’s Day parade, had to buy a sweater to layer under my jacket due to how cold it was and dosed myself with cold medicine every night because both of us ended up sick — Ed with two ear infections and a sinus infection.

This year it was wonderfully warm (record high of 81 degrees) and we decided to avoid the parade, but did catch the river being dyed green. We met up with friends and drank Guinness, ate pizza and ended up at a hole in the wall before calling it a wrap. And any medication administered the next day was to counteract the day before. Success.


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