Weekend Eats: August 11 & 12

On Saturday, as Ed and I planned out our menu for the week, we decided to go out for dinner that night. Later on we refined it to Mexican food and, not wanting to go far, looked at Yelp reviews of the places around us. We’d long been entertaining the idea of going to a dive a short walk away, but I was a tad weary of the place. You couldn’t ignore their rave reviews online (my favorite mentioning how people may come in and try to sell you socks… ahem), however, and we decided to go there — leaving the decision of whether to dine-in or take-out to when we actually stepped inside the place.

I’m so glad we went. We ended up dining at the restaurant and ordered 6 tacos between us — two steak, two al pastor (pork), one chicken and one chorizo — and I got a mandarin Jarrito. It was all delicious, although when we go back next time I’ll hone it down to two tacos and get a side of rice and beans. Yum.

Looks familiar, doesn’t it? As our cashier said, “you only live once,” but I think we made the right decision in sticking with just donuts and not giving in to the KFC across the street as well.

When we were leaving Lindo Guadalajara on Saturday, they offered us some candies. To our surprise they were the same mysterious candy they have at Sunda, a sushi restaurant in River North. Our curiosity finally peaked and we realized, quite embarrassingly, that we probably could’ve found these out a long time ago, seeing as we live close to an asian neighborhood that has a market. I looked them up online (guava! who would’ve thought?) and then we stopped at the market on Sunday afternoon and found them (albeit a little overwhelmed). I’m sure there will be repeat trips.

Sunday night? Cheeseburger pizza with onion powder in the crust, ground turkey, smoke chipotle gouda, sliced tomatoes on my half and jalapenos on Ed’s. We meant to add lettuce once it came out of the oven, but we were too distracted with scarfing it down.

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