Happy Easter

Ed’s Mom and sister came to Chicago to visit for Easter. Friday night, when they arrived, we ended up in Wrigleyville to eat at Goose Island then wandered to see if Ed’s Mom could spot her brother’s old house (and she did). Saturday we did some touristy things around the city. I hadn’t been to Navy Pier or Millennium Park in a while, but when they were still full of energy and ready to shop Ed and I headed home to rest up a bit. Saturday night we feasted on local cheap fare with Ed’s Mom and Sunday we ate brunch at Bull and Bear before they headed back to Ohio. It was a good weekend — more busy than we’re used to, but it was definitely nice to have some folks in town to visit.

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2 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. Mary Kemock says:

    HI….I work with Roberta at the library and I just wanted to say what a talented person you are! My two girls live in Chicago and one day, maybe Roberta and I will make the journey there together. One is in Old Town and one in Rogers Park….not sure where you are.

  2. […] was when I started feeling like Chicago was my city. Ed’s Mom and sister came to visit us for Easter instead of us making the trek to Ohio. It was my first major holiday spent in the […]

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