Weekend Eats: French toast, apple bread and more.

The weekends means that Ed and I can do a little more with our cooking than normal nights. This weekend was definitely no exception.

Saturday began with french toast, mostly due to some old bread and a banana that needed to be used. It was a good morning.

We continued our sugar diet into lunch, where we indulged in some donuts from Dunkin. Yes. We had donuts for lunch. You could get six donuts for $4, but I don’t think they intended for them to be immediately eaten by two people in one sitting. They were delicious, especially the chocolate glazed cake donut I had been craving the night before, not pictured here because I snatched it out of the box as soon as we sat down.

Dinner Saturday night was fish and brussels sprouts.

Sunday morning we were back to cereal and lunch came and went without much fuss, but in the afternoon we tackled a mix we’d been holding onto since Christmas for apple bread. It made two tasty loaves, one of which is almost gone.

Dinner Sunday night was carb heaven — pasta and cheesy bread. I can’t wait until next weekend.

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One thought on “Weekend Eats: French toast, apple bread and more.

  1. […] Looks familiar, doesn’t it? As our cashier said, “you only live once,” but I think we made the right decision in sticking with just donuts and not giving in to the KFC across the street as well. […]

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