Farewell Audiovox.

This weekend I joined the smart phone crowd, but I can’t move on without paying a short tribute to the phone that has gotten me through the past 6 or so years.

Yep, that’s right. I’ve only owned one other phone in my life. An Audiovox flip phone that I got some time around my senior year of high school. I’m lucky it even had a camera.

It was time to move on. Notice how the battery was trying to break free from the rest of the phone. It had already busted the plastic piece holding it in — it was just a couple drops away from complete freedom and I really didn’t want to be the person with their phone battery duct taped back in.

Notice the antenna. How can you not notice the antenna?

So, farewell old phone. Thank you for the years — for the numerous text messages, the awful assortment of ring tones, the low quality photos and the battery life that could no longer handle a 5 minute phone call. None-the-less, I’ll miss you.

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3 thoughts on “Farewell Audiovox.

  1. Mary says:

    This is sort of bittersweet… can’t believe it lasted that long!

  2. David Wilson says:

    That’s one tough phone.

  3. […] And, thankfully, it did. I started a new job in mid January at an office in the Willis Tower. I began getting up at 5:30 am, bought a one month CTA pass, and, a week in, replaced my ancient phone. […]

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