Weekend Eats

Usually weekend breakfast means Ed makes pancakes, but this Saturday he convinced me it was my turn to make something. We had some spinach to use up from our pizza, so I made spinach omelettes (mine was spinach and mushroom). We skipped pancakes on Sunday, too, and had french toast instead.

I could not get this recipe out of my head after seeing it a few weeks ago, so when I saw some cute little brussels sprouts in the store last week I had to buy them (and some balsamic). I didn’t follow the recipe completely, more combined it with another similar one, but they were pretty good. Especially considering I hated them as a kid. I’m definitely on a roasting kick. It can do no wrong.

Not pictured: We went for a quick walk Sunday night and ended up at the Middle East Bakery and Grocery in Andersonville because our original destination (ice cream) was closed until later in the month. I’m glad we stopped in, though. We ended up with salted roasted peas (see, roasting!), dried papaya and Ed bought a lamb and potato pie. The prices were reasonable, the food was good, we’ll definitely have to go back.

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