#1 Young Frankenstein

I could’ve sworn Young Frankenstein used to be on TV around Halloween when I was younger. Why did that change? I love this movie and, truly, how can you not? Mel Brooks is a genius and this is just one more of his masterpieces. What is he doing these days? He needs to make more movies — we need him. And Gene Wilder, too.

Outside of the all-star cast, the story is wonderfully ridiculous. There are so many good scenes, but in classic Mel Brooks style even the little gags are fantastic. I think my Dad loves when they’re showing the villagers walking in the woods and you see one guy run head first into a tree. My Mom, though, loves the Blind man (Gene Hackman) scene (“Cigars!”). Igor is my favorite. I love the scene where he poses as “Freshly Dead” and bursts into song. But, really, nearly anyone who does a Groucho Marx impression has my attention.

I chose this movie for Halloween because it’s a great twist on a classic story and it’s my favorite Mel Brooks film. It’s hilarious and I’ve probaby seen it too many times, but it reminds me of being a kid and hanging out with the family carving pumpkins and enjoying the holiday.

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