#2 The Crow. Happy Devil’s Night.

The first time I saw The Crow was at a party. I believe it was a Halloween party/sleepover. We may have even gone to a haunted forest before hand. I remember dragging some people through it by the end…never again. (And there’s no way you’re getting me in a haunted house). We watched The Crow later on in the night, though. A lot of people had fallen asleep and I may have even been trying to go to bed, but I was awake and I’m glad I stayed up.

Okay, it’s not the best movie in the world, but Brandon Lee is fantastic and the music is great (Nine Inch Nails covering Joy Division’s Dead Souls? Love). It’s a hopeless 90’s movie that I hope they don’t remake. Just leave it be and lets work on some new, fresh ideas instead of remaking all the classics. Leave Lee’s legacy alone.

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