#3 Psycho

Psycho. Alfred Hitchcock. Everyone should see it at least once. It’s creepy and it’s a classic. Everyone knows or has heard of the shower scene in Psycho and you know it for a reason — it’s fantastic. The camera angles, the acting (how she holds that pose with her eyes open for so long, unmoving, I have no idea. Kudos), it’s wonderful.

Please don’t watch the remake, you’re missing out. Anthony Perkin as Norman Bates is wonderful. He’s adorably awkwardly perfect. And, okay, I laugh at some of the scenes in the movie. There’s a part where someone is falling down the stairs and the camera follows him down so it’s as though you’re facing him. The only problem is in doing that it looks like he stumbles all the way down the steps, not falls. Plus the things the mother says just kills me.

Did I ever tell you? You eat like a bird.

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One thought on “#3 Psycho

  1. I haven’t taken the time to see this classic movie yet, but so many times I hear people refer to it. It’s a snowy and sleepy Saturday here in Central PA and with Halloween right around the corner it might be the perfect time for me to catch up on this movie.

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