#5 Hocus Pocus

There are 5 days until Halloween. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ve never really been a big Halloween person. I can never come up with a costume and then when I see how creative people get with it I feel like a weirdo in the pirate or hippie get-up. I think the best costume I had was a slice of pizza (It was homemade. My sister was a watermelon wedge. And yeah, we looked awesome.).

But there are definitely some movies that set the mood for the season, and Hocus Pocus is totally one of them. Yeah, okay, it’s a Disney movie, but it’s still good. Another admission? I didn’t realize that was Sarah Jessica Parker until a couple years ago. I had no clue and the first time rewatching while knowing that information made it awkward (she can only be Carrie Bradshaw, I don’t understand), but I think I’m over it now. Plus one of the last lines in the movie is a virgin joke. Good job, Disney.

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