You brought the sun to us.

Do you remember in the movie Clueless (yep, I’m serious) when Cher is going out with that guy who she doesn’t yet realize is actually gay? He comes to pick her up in his fancy car and when they sit down he asks her if she likes Billie Holiday.

And Cher replies “I love him.”

I laughed then and I do now, but I never gave it much thought because I didn’t really know who Billie Holiday was, just that it was a woman, not a man. But, I love when things connect in my life, and several years later my wonderful roommate started playing her music in our dorm room. I still didn’t think much of it, but I liked it. It was great to have on in the background, but her voice. I really liked her voice.

A couple months ago I suddenly wanted to hear her again and went on a search for the songs I would recognize, but didn’t know the name of. She’s great nighttime listening. I feel like I should be sitting in a speakeasy or even just a dim lit bar, drinking a glass of something on the rocks.

I realized later that her version of “My Man” is related to Barbra Streisand’s version in Funny Girl (oh, and I didn’t know that Fanny Brice was a real person). I recognized a song at Jazz Fest because of Billie Holiday. Oh, and she owned an adorable bully named Mister. What’s not to love?

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