Well…now what?

Last week when I got back from Ohio a package had arrived for me from the good people at Synovate, a survey website I had recently joined. The company also sends out samples to be tried by their members and reviewed and I had lucked out and received some perfume samples to try. I read through the letter they included as instructions, disappointed that I’d be sending the samples back, but still interested in trying them, and realized there was a slight problem. In the instructions I’m supposed to fill out a questionnaire before starting the evaluations, but there was no web address or questionnaire included. The letter assured me I would receive an e-mail about this, but by the end of the week I hadn’t received anything. I couldn’t start without doing this first questionnaire, plus the following evaluations would be found under the same link they would be sending.

At the end of the week I e-mailed about the issue. Nothing. Yesterday I called (although I guess too early in the day, as I had to leave a message) and explained it again, leaving my phone number and e-mail address. Nothing. According to the letter someone from FedEx is going to show up on the 7th to pick up the envelope containing the fragrances. After today, without any more correspondence, I’ll no longer have the required three days to try these out.

So what do I do tomorrow if no word comes from them? Keep the samples? Send them back with a complaint? Call again? I’m at the point where I don’t really believe that FedEx is going to show — not that they could get to my apartment door, as our building is locked.

So…what now?

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