Blackhawks vs. Red Wings

Last night I attended my first NHL hockey game (thanks to Todd). It was fun and I’m still in slight disbelief, but it also made me realize I’m going to have to get used to following the Blackhawks. I was totally spoiled by getting to watch the HBO 24/7 specials about last years Winter Classic. I got to know the Penguins so easily this way. I’ll have to work harder to know the Blackhawks. There was a girl a few rows down from us cheering for Detroit, however, and I realized if I were watching the Blackhawks vs. the Penguins, I would totally be in her position. Except the Penguins would’ve won, of course. (just kidding! well…sort of.)

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One thought on “Blackhawks vs. Red Wings

  1. Ashley says:

    See those rows way up at the top in back? Yeah, that’s where I saw her: the Queen of Pop, Madonna. She looked like an ant. A dancing and singing ant.

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