Buckingham Fountain

Ed and I tried twice this past weekend to attend the Jazz Fest going on in Grant Park. The first day started out successful enough — we went to two art stores before grabbing a bite to eat. We even went to the Anti-Cruelty Society to look at the dogs. By the time we got to the park and set our blanket down, though, we heard the first rumbles of thunder. We did see one band play a bit (I recognized the song thanks to Billie Holiday) before the rain started and we headed back towards the train. Day two was a little more successful. No rain this time, but it did get kind of chilly later in the day. Ed also yelled at some annoying girls sitting next to us — it was necessary, and I laughed.

I’d never seen the fountain in Grant Park before, though. Usually when I’m in Chicago it’s not on yet, so this was the first I saw it and they ended up being the only photos I took.

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One thought on “Buckingham Fountain

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