There you sit, sitting spare like a book on a shelf rustin’.

About a week before I was done at JWT (yep, unemployed) they gave us new chairs. They weren’t actually new, but they were new to us and way fancier than what we were used to. You could adjust everything on them — lumbar support, how fast it leaned back, height, distance of the arm rests to you, etc. We were allowed to rescue the old ones from being thrown out. It’s a huge improvement over the chair I had in my room before.

Ed and I are trying to move to Chicago now, but it’s proving hard to do. We want to sublease for a few months while we look for jobs, but we need a few things to fall into place in order for everything to work. The biggest problem is getting around the proof of employment most places require. In the meantime I’m working on portfolio stuff, a new website and trying to keep busy in general.


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