Jane Eyre

Last night I met my sister and cousin to see Jane Eyre. I read the book several years ago for an english class in college. I had chosen a class focused on women in literature and this is one of the novels we read, along with another Bronte gem, Wuthering Heights, and I always get the two of them confused. They both revolve around odd relationships and have an air of mystery about them. And Wuthering Heights is confusing on it’s own, it’s no wonder, really, that I throw Jane Eyre characters into the mix.

Regardless, I really did like this movie. I’ve only seen part of another adaptation and, well, it fell short. It was a good laugh, though. The new movie, I recommend. They had to cram a lot of story into two hours, but they do get the feel for the novel across, I think. Of course, how much I enjoyed it could be paired with how happy I was to have a semblance of a life outside of work. More on that later.


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