PEE-ces of Art

On Sunday, March 7th, there will be an artist open show at Bela Dubby in Lakewood. The art work being show? Some wonderful designs from a four-legged Cleveland resident.

Tucker was found running about Ohio dragging a bolt and chain and dealing with a few medical conditions. His hard times led him to a county shelter facility, but his health problems and the fact he wasn’t a young dog made him hard to adopt out. An animal control officer saw promise in him, though, and sought out a better shelter environment for him. Tucker only stayed a short time at the Sanctuary for Senior Dogs in Cleveland before his journey was over and he found his permanent foster home.

Tucker’s art work originates from his suffering — he has the dog equivalent of multiple sclerosis (degenerative myelopathy). The results are intriguing and “expressionistic.” His foster mom captures photos of his work and they will be displayed throughout the month of March.

Tickets for the Sunday open house are $30 ($50 for two, in advance). The proceeds will benefit the Sanctuary for Senior Dogs as well as the Cleveland Animal Protective League.

For further information and to learn more about Tucker, you can visit his website here.

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