Please don’t go and build a fence around your heart…

The Rock Hall is having free concerts every other Wednesday night at 7 p.m. Last night was Man Man, with Mystery of Two opening. I wasn’t thrilled about the opener, but it’s truly hard to open for Man Man. The first time I saw Man Man they were opening for Ted Leo and the Pharmacists at the Beachland Ballroom. I went to see Ted Leo, because I love him, but was completely blown away by Man Man. They are crazy, their music is indefinable, and they move seamlessly from song to song without pausing to talk to the crowds at a frantic pace. They were wonderful last night and there seemed to be a good turnout. I was too far back to snap any pictures of them, but when I was leaving I did take the time to capture probably the most beautiful Cleveland sunset I had ever seen. Lindsey was spot on when she said it looked like something you’d see in Florida. Until, of course, you look over the chain railing and spot a deflated beach ball floating with random debris, including a dead fish. Florida we are not, but happy Cleveland Sunset, anyway.

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