Who’s Loving You

I attended a candle light vigil for Michael Jackson at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame last night with my cousin Ashley. You could get in line and go inside the lobby of the Rock Hall to take a picture with the big guitar that is painted for Michael. As you exited you could take a candle and a sheet detailing what was going to be happening. Thankfully, Ashley brought votive candles for she and I. “It’s Lake Erie, folks,” as one announcer said when candles kept going out.

After we took photos of the guitar we stood around outside (by the Johnny Cash Tour Bus) and waited, not sure what to do. There was a little girl there dressed (somewhat) like Michael Jackson. Her family had even put some make up on her and whenever an MJ song came on from his solo career (thank God she didn’t attempt any Jackson 5 songs) she would go in front of her family and start dancing. At one point a crowd gathered to watch her. Sure, she was cute, but she was just doing moves she probably learned in a dance class and her attempt at a Moonwalk was walking backwards. Perhaps I ask too much. Thankfully a guy, also dressed like MJ, entered the circle and began to put her to shame, actually doing spins and MJ moves.

The night was interesting at least, and I’m glad I went. There were supposedly a lot of people there, but Ashley and I were close to the front and I couldn’t really tell.

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